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Artech information System
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Mohammad Azaz
240 Cedar Knolls Road, Suite 100 | Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927
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  Data Analayst (back)


My name is Mohammad and I'm a recruiter at Artech, a global staffing and IT consulting company. We are constantly on the look out for professionals to fulfill the staffing needs of our clients, and we currently have a job opening that may interest you. Below is a summary of the position.

Job Title: Data Analyst
Location:Cupertino, CA
24 Months

Job Description:

Data Analyst responsible to analyze, diagnose and properly classify previously solved Client computer system hardware and software problems.

Should have background knowledge of computer hardware and software operations plus a working knowledge of the interactions of firmware, Drivers, Storage, Operating Systems. The candidate must be familiar with Microsoft Excel, and Outlook. The ability to read analyze and categorize technical information is required. Person must be a fast learner able to pick up concepts such as server manageability, data center operations and networking. This is a fast paced environment which requires constant quick learning.

Fluent in foreign languages especially Japanese and Chinese would be beneficial. Previous data analysis in a high tech environment, field service and or technical call center experience is desirable.

If you believe you're qualified for this position and are currently in the job market or interested in making a change, please give me a call as soon as possible at (973) 967-3451 or e-mail me at Mohammad_Azaz@artechinfo.com

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