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Job Info
Job Seeking: Anything horse and people related
Category: Gap Year/Career Breaks
Countries Applicable: USA
Date Posted: 11/23/2014
Detail of Qualification:


Myname is Erica Andersson, I am 18 and I live and study in Sweden.

Iwould like to offer my talents in languages; if you would need them,my culture, hard work and a big smile in exchange for an opportunityto work and live with you.

Mypassions in life are reading, languages, culture, nature, trainingand animals; preferably horses. My mother has had horses since I wasa kid and I have regularly helped out at the stable she runs. I rideless good than I did when I did it regularly but I intend to take afew lessons next semester to brush up on my riding skills and to alsoswitch over to wester style.

Iam now finishing the swedish equivalent of high school in about sixmonths and by then I would like to have established a connection witha horse-ranch in North America, to be able to go and work there. Ifeel a need for a break from my academic life, while still gettinguseful experience.

Experiencesaround ranch work, the service industry and general work-life are allbeneficial for my future and I would value them high. I'm used togetting dirty and working hard, I also tend to be a quick study. Iwant to work for my keep; food, roof over my head, (internet) and theoccasional trail ride, any other payment would be unnecessary. Travelaid would be widely appreciated but not a deciding factor. Since Ido this largely for the cultural and physical experience and I havepractically no connections on the entire continent I would appreciateand expect to be treated respectfully and for rules to be set outbefore my arrival.

Ifeverything goes well I would like to stay for a maximum duration of 2years. 1 is, however, more fitting for my future plans.

Iknow that it must be an amazing number of people closer at hand(without the additional stress of having to acquire a visa, which Iwould handle myself as much as possible) but I am hard working and acultural asset. Even though Swedish is my native tongue I speakEnglish effortlessly, I also speak near fluent French, a bit ofGerman, understand Norwegian and both Finnish and Danish peopleunderstand Swedish. I have several references, although my workexperience is very narrow due to my young age and the fact thatschool has been my first priority.

Ifyou are not interested but you would like to give me a chance to liveout my dream of seeing the "real" America I would bedelighted if you forwarded information and my Email to someone else,preferably someone who is trustworthy and who has the same occupationas you.

MyEmail is: Ericaneisa@gmail.com


  • Summer job 2013 at Max Resurs & Förvaltning (a construction company), Linköping for 6 weeks, including, but not limited to; designing a website for the company with the program wordpress, assisting on several construction sites and some simple carpenting. References are available. For this job I needed to be a quick study (I had no earlier experiences with wordpress), endurance and strength was also necessary.

  • Summer job 2012 for 2 weeks (through school) at Larsson offsettryck (a printing company), Linköping, I worked mainly with production and packaging. This was very stressful, involved large machinery which I needed to learn immediately as well as team work. You also needed to memorize instructions. (I have no contacts here but I can call them if you want references.)

  • Work Experience Program 2010 at Santini's (a diner), 3 weeks , waitressing, some simple cooking (salads, sandwiches and desserts), managed a register. Stressful, intense work where you needed to be service minded!

  • Work Experience Program 2009, BikBok (clothes store), 2 weeks. Organizing, cleaning, managing register, helping clients, heavy lifting and lots of patience.


  • Innovative

  • Great communication skills, in several languages

  • Basic computer skills (but not Excel)

  • Flexible

  • Courageous but safety-oriented

  • Sociable, with people of varying age and interests

  • Patience, especially with animals


  • I'm a scout! (in Sweden both boys and girls are boy scouts) We are outdoors a lot, we learn to tackle problems and nature in a constructive way. I'm also a leader for some of the younger kids (age 9-10)

  • I love to cook and bake. In Sweden we do all these things from scratch.

  • I play floorball, run, do some simple yoga and swim (regardless of the temperature). In the winter I go skiing in Norway.

  • I love to travel; I've been to Nice, Landerneau and Paris in France. Rome, Italy. Malaga, Spain. Tokyo, Japan. Berlin, Germany. Scottish Highlands, Glasgow and London (a few times), UK.

  • I read some Latin, I've been studying it for two years now.

  • I love DIY projects and decorating.

  • I love photography and writing.

Ifyou are interested and want pictures, references or a skype-interviewplease feel free to E-mail me anytime!


Contact Info
Contact Name : erica andersson
Address : nya tanneforsvägen 65
Fax :
Phone : +46707308401
Email : ericaneisa@gmail.com

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