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Job Info
Job Seeking: Ranch hand
Category: General Employment
Countries Applicable: All Locations
Date Posted: 10/20/2015
Detail of Qualification: To whom it may concern; My name is Alexandre Mathieu and I am currently looking for a ranch job. I’m from Québec, fluent in English and speak French as a first language. Without any doubt I can say that I am a hard worker, used to long days in orchards and on farms. I have also worked with customers a lot (coffee shops and tourism industry) and had housekeeping/room service jobs for over a year each. I am a permanent resident of BC, and love to work with all animals. Working outdoor in any type of weather isn’t a problem for me, I am versatile and motivated. As a team or individually, I consider myself autonomous and effective. Any type of schedule could fit me, twelve hour days as much as twelve hours nightshift. I have a valid class 5 driver’s license and a reliable 4x4 vehicle (Toyota 4runner with 16 inch. winter tires), and I’m used to driving tractors and have a clean driver’s abstract. I’ve been working on ground crops, (squash, tomatoes, strawberries etc.) orchards, (pears, apples, cherries) and landscaping, fire prevention (Volunteering, California 2011) and also vineyards (picking, pruning, thinning). I’ve been a lead farm hand, taking care of irrigation, fertilization, running a Mexican crew and organizing material necessary for upcoming tasks, and also did deliveries at the local farmer’s market on Vancouver Island. I also worked one winter on a ski hill driving horse sleigh (4 percherons and 2 Belgium breeds) which included harnessing and hooking up to a sleigh all 6 horses on three different sleighs for touristic tours on cross-country ski trails, looking after the stables at night, feeding horses and also making trips with the property owner to get hay bales and I also took care of the preventive deworming treatment on all his horses (About 25 of them). Riding horses is a passion for me. I love nature and everything connected to it. I have no issues working with mechanical tools, I am very comfortable using any gardening tools or chainsaws, sharpening it and keeping it running well (chain oil + gas mixture), and I am also very comfortable using rifles and hunting weapons in general. I am good at aiming and keeping predators away from property, and I love fishing camping, driving ATVs, dirtbikes, motored boats, tractors and skidoos. I am not an expert but I know quite a bit about Canadian wildlife as I’ve started studies in environmental sciences and always spent most of the time on the East coast at my chalet, very deep in the forest where I had to take care of propane running material (lights, fridge, cooking stove, hot water tank), cut/split firewood and maintain machinery. I am very interested in animals and I am not afraid of dealing with them when need be or simply cohabit with them, I know how to behave in the presence of predators and apart from feeling a normal stress when dealing with big predators I know how to handle myself. I’ve watched numerous documentary about Canadian wildlife and also read books about it. I want to specialize my studies in fauna so this is a subject that I hold in my heart. I also love helping people out, which led me in the summer 2011 to volunteer on a goat farm for a single mother of three daughters that needed much help and didn’t have any money. She fed me and in return I’ve helped her get on top of things on her farm (Milking goats, cleaning pens, repairing fences, feeding the animals and monitor their well being. There I also had the opportunity to volunteer with her in a medieval festival organized by the elementary school. One last point I would want to let you know is that I love people and I am very poised when interacting with individuals. And so, for these reasons, I think that I am perfectly fit for this type of job! Thank you very much for considering my application, I will join my résumé to this email for more details. Sincerely, Alexandre Mathieu 581-305-6850

Contact Info
Contact Name : Alexandre Mathieu
Address : 2880 de la Promenade G1W 2J1
Fax :
Phone : 1-581-305-6850
Email : alex_man_45@msn.com

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