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Job Seeking: I'm looking for a apprenticeship/internship.
Category: Ranch Staff
Countries Applicable: Canada/USA
Date Posted: 11/5/2015
Detail of Qualification: Hey Hidden Trails.
I really hope you can help me with this.

I'm a 19 year old girl (birthday in January where I will be 20) from Denmark.
I'm on an education named horse manager, where I work with horses.
I am looking for a apprenticeship/internship from January where I have finished the basic course (or around October, after the first main course)
I couldn't find one specific place or ranch because no matter what I search it is websites like yours with a lot og different ranches, so I thought that now that you are in touch with many ranches, that maybe you could help me find a place?

I've been working with/and riding horses for 5 years, and the last four years I've been training some young horses(not educated them).
I'm positive, open to everything and I want to learn as much about horses as possible.
I love western riding, riding bareback, Show Jumping, riding in the wild, training horses, being social and of course I love horses and nature.

I do of course have an Curriculum Vitae.

It's not like I want you to find a place for me, but just an mail, for some ranches which might be capable of having a stutent and that meets the criteria my school has.

The place commit to to provide:

· Minimum 37 hours of education relevant work per week.

Payment for my work

(The requirements varies slightly from student to student) 
To be approved for Horse Manager student, the place be able to offer work with different categories of horses (breeding, young horses, competition, etc.) and the student responsible must have documented qualifications at the equivalent of M-level in Denmark (we will assess in each case, ....).
There should be about 20 horses of the place, and the student must ride daily.

I will work/be there for hopefully 5 month(Till my first Main course, which also can be in Januay 2017) it is possible to make an agreement at four months and then extend it to 5 months (or about 11 months)

I really hope that you can help me with this!

with best regards Amanda Nattestad

Contact Info
Contact Name : Amanda Nattestad
Address : mulebyvej
Fax :
Phone : 50494145
Email : amandidas@gmail.com

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